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    Blacstone Entertainment Presents: The "I'll Try" Bundle": Rekindle, Reconnect, Renew

    Get ready to be inspired by BLACSTONE's exclusive "I'll Try" Bundle! This comprehensive collection is designed to help you rekindle the flames of love, reconnect with your partner, and renew your respect for one another.

    Our bundle is packed with valuable resources, including:

    Additional Features:

    Interviews with Married Couples: Gain insights and advice from couples who have successfully navigated the ups and downs of marriage, inspiring you to love harder and speak life into your relationship.

    Try Harder To Love Unconditionally Course: A comprehensive course designed to teach you how to love unconditionally, deepen your connection, and strengthen your relationship.

    Rekindle The Flame, Reconnect The Connection, Renew Your Respect

    Our "I'll Try" Bundle is specifically curated to help you:

    Rekindle The Flames: Rediscover the passion and excitement in your relationship.

    Reconnect The Connection: Strengthen the emotional and spiritual bond with your partner.

    Renew Your Respect: Build mutual respect and understanding in your relationship.

  • I'll Try Checklist Guide: A practical guide to help you stay committed to loving harder and not quitting. [$10+ Value]

  • Stories From The Heart E-Book: Heartwarming stories to inspire and remind you of the beauty of true love [$60+ Value]

  • Loving Affirmations Journal: A journal filled with affirmations to encourage unconditional love and positivity in your relationship. [$45+ Value]

  • Workbook: An interactive workbook to help you apply the principles of love and connection in your daily life. [$30+ Value]

  • Live Performance: Exclusive access to a live performance of "I'll Try" that will move and inspire you. [$300+ Value]

Total Value: $397

Launch Price: $297

Pre-Launch Special Price: $97

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